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Important! Before Completing Your Order!

The Do Not Call List is NOT part of the Telelisting Product. In order for Telelising to identify which numbers you may call in the phonebook, you or your company MUST have a valid Do Not Call List subscription.

If you only require Telelisting to download phone numbers and addresses, then you do not need a Do Not Call List subscription. However, all the numbers will be highlighted in red in the phonebook.

For more information, please call us at 1-866-531-2586.

Package Price ($)   Quantity Sub-Total ($)
  Canadian Phonebook - 1 users (annual) 295.00   0.00
  Single Line Integrated Dialer ($ per month) 100.00   0.00
  FSBO Phonebook - Quebec ($ per month) 65.00   0.00
  Canadian Phonebook - 5 users (annual) 1,395.00   0.00
  Canadian Phonebook - 10 users (annual) 1,995.00   0.00
  Canadian Phonebook - 20 users (annual) 2,495.00   0.00
  Canadian Phonebook - Unlimited users (annual) 5,999.00   0.00
  Additional User(s) for Office 125.00   0.00
  Addon: Export Credit 1,000 Records 25.00   0.00
  Addon: Export Credit 10,000 Records 175.00   0.00
    Total Quantity 0
    Total amount (CA) $0.00

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Subscription Info

Telelisting subscriptions are only available on a yearly basis.

Prices are for unlimited access for a period of 365 days from the date of purchase.

Once you complete your payment, you will receive your invoice by email and have immediate access to Telelisting.